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Scenery is a powerful video editor in the browser built for collaboration

Scenery is a powerful video editor in the browser built for collaboration

Create a project and choose whether to upload media or begin editing

If you're ready to edit, jump into the timeline and start adding clips. If you prefer to organize your content, upload folders or media.

Invite collaborators to edit or review only

The power of scenery is collaboration. Request content from others, invite collaborators to upload, organize and choose the right content for the edit. Edit together or edit alone with others reviewing as you go.

Export at blazing fast speeds in our cloud

Share your edit any time along the way and click export to generate a source quality video at your chosen settings. You've never seen a video render this fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scenery for beginners or professionals?

Scenery is powerful with many features professionals rely on for high quality video with a user friendly, modern UI that anyone can use.

Can I export my project to Premiere or Final Cut?

Scenery has the ability to export projects in formats that can be used by both to Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut.

What media formats does Scenery support?

We support most video and audio formats. We don't support pdfs or mogrt files.

Scenery is a collaborative browser based editor that feels like a desktop tool

Scenery is your one-stop solution to building social media marketing videos, product demos, and educational content. In addition to building custom text and titles, you can edit your video, add transitions, import royalty-free stock media, manage your content library, and more--- all remotely, with your team.

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