Supercharge your video editing with AI

Scenery is a collaborative video editing workspace for asset management, editing, and review — with AI assisted workflows.

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Professional video editing, meet real-time collaboration

Multiplayer video editing with professional editing capabilities — right in the browser

Powerful video editing with AI-assisted workflows

Get your team on the same page with an intuitive timeline editor that everyone can access no matter where they’re logging in

Collaborative video whiteboarding

Explore ideas, storyboard, and organize your media with a collaborative video whiteboard

Explore the Canvas

“Scenery handles every part of the video creation process with aplomb. What used to take three or more different pieces of software now happens all in one place.”

Kyle Jepson of Hubspot
Kyle Jepson
Marketing Evangelist
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Gather feedback while you edit without rendering or exporting

Share a review link to collect feedback as you edit and immediately address feedback in real-time

Organize and curate all your media in a shared library

Upload and organize all of your teams’ assets in one place

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