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Customer Success


Send your recordings directly from Ecamm to Scenery to hop into editing faster and manage all your videos in one place.

Thanks to our new integration with Ecamm, you can now send your finished recordings directly to Scenery for editing — and manage your video projects in a centralized place.

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What is Ecamm, and why are we partnering with them

If you haven’t already worked with Ecamm, it’s a fantastic live streaming and video production studio built for Mac. Whether you’re streaming, recording, podcasting, or presenting, Ecamm is there to give you all the tools you need to create incredible video. 

With Ecamm, you can connect multiple cameras and switch between shots, control audio levels and trigger sound effects and music, add lower thirds, video clips, and overlays, share your screen, and even bring on remote guests with the click of a link. Ecamm saves all of your video files in the format you choose so that you can edit and repurpose with ease.

Helping Ecamm customers edit their videos

But recording is only the first part of creating videos online — after a recording is ready, Ecamm customers need tools that give them control and precision to create something that feels their own for YouTube videos, course videos, podcast files, social cuts, or wherever they’re sharing content. And that’s where Scenery comes in.

Plus they’re great people making a great product and we love to work with companies where both our customer bases can benefit. 

How the integration works

Now when you finish your recordings or streams in Ecamm, you’ll see a set of Scenery quick edit options, which send your recording to Scenery and kick off one of three editing paths:

  1. Edit with AI. We’ll automatically transcribe your recording on import, then allow you to direct an edit with our AI Editor. For example, you might say “Edit this video to only show the parts where we talk about …” and pick the topic you want a social media highlight clip for. Boom — time saved, edit ready.
  2. Auto subtitles. We’ll automatically transcribe your recording on import, then let you create and customize subtitles for your videos. 
  3. Custom edit. If you want to work on your edit from scratch or sandwich it between your own intro and outro segments, this option simply drops the recording in the Timeline, where you can trim, cut, and edit your video to your heart’s content with the full power of Scenery.

Once you pick one of these quick edit options, Ecamm will send Scenery your master recording file and it will appear in the Timeline for you to work with. (For a full look at how the integration works, check out Ecamm's documentation and guide.)

What this integration is great for

With this integration up and running, here’s some of the different ways you can use Scenery and Ecamm together to create great content:

With our Scenery and Ecamm integration, video files created in Ecamm will automatically be sent through to Scenery so that you can collaborate on editing, grab the transcripts, create shareable clips, and more. 

Where to learn more

If you’re ready to get up and running and want to find more details, here’s how to learn more:

Best of luck on your edit, and if you have any questions or need our help you can shoot us a note at help@scenery.video or ping us in Slack help out in your next project.


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