Record with your webcam directly in Scenery

Record yourself or your team in HD straight into an edit or a template.

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Add yourself or your team to any shared project so anyone can edit out bad takes, um's and aahs for great collaborative results

Scenery is the all-in-one solution for teams and companies creating content together remotely. Scenery is the best wy for multiple people to add a video and audio recordings to your project. Making a recording in Scenery is as easy as clicking one button and recording yourself. Its just as easy for your team or collaborators to add theirs as well, even at the same time.
Scenery is the most efficient and inexpensive solution for remote teams creating video. Scenery combines storage solution like Google Drive or Dropbox, a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, and a review and approve tool like into a single platform. Scenery allows teams to store your videos, assets logos, fonts and even animations, make edits to them, share instantly for review and approval without exporting or downloading, and publish directly to channels like YouTube-- all in one place. All of this available to anyone on your team without downloading software or media.

Doing recordings in-app is convenient

It is time-intensive to go to another app, record your video, and then upload it the editor. Instead, you can do the recording right in Scenery which keeps your efforts centralized and saves time.

Recordings go straight to your media library

By recording directly in Scenery, there’s no need to upload your recordings from another place. They auto-upload into your Scenery library which means both you and your collaborators can access them right away with no additional efforts.

You can also record your screen or do just a voice recording

If you want to be camera on, that’s great. If you also want to record just your voice or do a screencast recording, Scenery allows you to also do those directly in the app.

How to create a recording of yourself in Scenery

Open a project and click the “Import” button

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Choose “Camera”

If it’s your first time doing a screen recording, you’ll need to give Scenery access to your computer’s camera

Record and hit the blue check mark once complete

The video will be automatically added to your media library. You can drag it into the project wherever you want it

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to record myself in Scenery?

All you need to do is open a new project, click “Import,” then click “Camera.” You are then ready to record yourself. Smile and you’re on your way!

How does my recording make it into my project?

As soon as you complete your recording, it will automatically upload to your media library. From there, you can drag it into your project and cut it down or modify it.

Do I have to download additional software to do the recording?

No! All you have to do is give Scenery access to record from your computer. Once you do that, you’re all set to record directly from within Scenery.

If I want to record my screen (not my face), how do I do that?

When you’re at the import panel, instead of choosing “Camera,” you should choose “Screencast.” For more details, check out this page (add hyperlink).

If I want to record just my voice (noy my face), how do I do that?

When you’re at the import panel, instead of choosing “Camera,” you should choose “Audio.” More details are on this page (add hyperlink).

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There’s so much more in Scenery in addition to recordings

Scenery is your one-stop solution to building social media marketing videos, product demos, and educational content. In addition to adding effects to videos, you can edit your video, add transitions, import royalty-free stock media, manage your content library, and more--- all remotely, with your team.

Create a recording and add it to your project