Time-coded, range-based comments

Optimize your workflow by sharing media and receiving real time feedback on frames or sections of the video.

Make a range comment

Your workflow just got faster. Organize and share media, get time coded feedback, favorite and reject selctions all in real time.

Scenery is the all-in-one solution for teams and companies creating content together remotely. When making selects and going over drafts of projects, it’s important to get specific and actionable feedback from stakeholders. Comments attached to a specific part of the video are the way to do that. Scenery lets teams and collaborators easily comment on parts of the video. Editors see these comments in the timeline or canvas and can reply or take action and resolve. Comments can also be used as selects, so editors can just drag clip sections straight to the timeline.
Scenery is the most efficient and inexpensive solution for remote teams creating video. Scenery combines storage solution like Google Drive or Dropbox, a video editor like Veed.io or Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, and a review and approve tool like Frame.io into a single platform. Scenery allows teams to store your videos, assets logos, fonts and even animations, make edits to them, share instantly for review and approval without exporting or downloading, and publish directly to channels like YouTube-- all in one place. All of this available to anyone on your team without downloading software or media.

Deliver specific feedback in real time or asynchronously to stakeholders

Let’s say you’re a stakeholder and you want to give feedback to an editor. The best way to give this is to leave a comment on a very specific range. Instead of a text or zoom to give feedback, editors receive these specific notes on the source media or edit itself and can action it in real time. Hello efficiency!

Range comments can serve as a checklist

Each of your range comments is something that your collaborator needs to pay attention to. They can respond to each comment with a follow up question or mark it as complete once they’ve addressed the comment.

Take immediate action on range comments

In most other platforms where you can make range comments, you can’t actually edit the video there. In Scenery, you can both comment and edit the video on the same place. This drastically expedites the workflow since it means an editor can see a comment and jump to editing the corresponding clip, all in one platform.

How to add range comments to your project:

Access your video in the project or review page

Having your video big will allow you to precisely create your in and out points

Mark your in’s and out’s

The blue bar indicates the range that your comment corresponds to. You can address where it starts and ends.

Save the comment and tag others in it if you want

Once your comment is ready, hit save. But first, you may want to do @ someone to ensure they know it’s for them

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add range comments to a video?

Quite easy. You mark your in point and you mark your out point. Then you add your comment-- example: “delete this shot.” Hit “save” and you’re done.

How many range comments can I add to a video?

As many as you want. We’ve seen videos with lots of range comments. And by lots, we mean more than you can count.

How do range comments help an editor?

An editor wants to be able to make edits based off your specific feedback. But stakeholders need to give them specific feedback and range comments are the best way to do that.

Are range comments in the app better than feedback delivered over email?

Oh yes. Don’t take our word for it: ask any editor. Email comments can be ambigious, have incorrect time codes, or no time codes provided at all. With range comments, there is no ambiguity as to the comment and where it goes

What makes range comments in Scenery different compared to other platforms?

There are other platforms like Frame.io that allow you to add range comments to a video however the video can not be edited in the same application and versions must be rendered and uploaded, costing your team time and money. With Scenery, you don’t have to wait or worry about missing anything since your commenting and editing happens in the same tool.

What else can I do with range comments?

You can mark range comments as complete (ie: once you’ve made the edit that was proposed), you can favorite them or you can reject them. This helps with media organization and keeping your workflow organized.

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Range comments are just one part of the video workflow that Scenery simplifies

Scenery is your one-stop solution to building social media marketing videos, product demos, and educational content. In addition to adding range comments to your project, you can edit your video, add transitions, import royalty-free stock media, manage your content library, and more--- all remotely, with your team.

Add range comments to a video