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Use shapes to easily create anything you’re imagining: title cards, text callout, or just a plain shape.

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From title cards, call-outs, or building graphics, easily layer shapes with images, titles and animate for great social engagment

Scenery is the all-in-one solution for teams and companies creating content together remotely. Adding shapes to your videos will allow you to achieve specific looks that you’re seeking. Shapes range from rectangles to triangles to arrows. It's simple and powerful for amateur video people and professional video editors alike to add shapes in Scenery.
Scenery is the most efficient and inexpensive solution for remote teams creating video. Scenery combines storage solution like Google Drive or Dropbox, a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, and a review and approve tool like into a single platform. Scenery allows teams to store your videos, assets logos, fonts and even animations, make edits to them, share instantly for review and approval without exporting or downloading, and publish directly to channels like YouTube-- all in one place. All of this available to anyone on your team without downloading software or media.

Shapes allow you to create very specific looks like title cards

Want a title card with a specific background color and a particular border color? You can create that look in Scenery by customizing shapes for the look you desire.

Easily copy and paste shapes in order to make slight changes to them

Want two title cards with slightly different feels? You can make one with one shade of green for its background, copy and paste a duplicate, and then modify it with a slightly different shade of green.

Add unlimited shapes to your video

Create and customize as many shapes as you want. You can mix and match different types of shapes-- from hexagons to arrows-- and even overlay them on top of each other.

How to add a shape to you video:

Go to the shapes panel

In the shapes panel, you can see all of the pre-made shapes that are awaiting you in Scenery, including linear gradient rectangle and pointy six star. Traditional shapes like rectangles, triangles, and circles are also there.

Drag a shape into your project

You can place the shape anywhere you want in the project-- including on top of another element or embedded within another shape

Customize the look of the shape

Upon dragging a shape into your project, you can customize its fill color, opacity, rotation, alignment, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to add a shape to a video?

Very easy. All you have to do is open the shapes panel, decide the one you want to use, drag it onto your video, and then customize it to your meet your desired look. No need to import shapes from another software.

Can I add more than one shape on top of each other?

You sure can. Overlapping shapes can look really cool. For example, you may want to have a rectangle with some text in it. But you may want to make it pop out a bit more. By adding another rectangle that is a bit larger than the 1st box (and with a different color), you can create a really cool visual look. You can also combined different shapes-- for example, a circle within a rectangle.

What customizations can I make to a shape?

Lots. You can adjust the fill color of the shape, its positioning, scale, opacity, duration, rotation, and animation. For certain shapes, there is yet even more you can customize, such as the size details of the stem on a thought bubble.

Can I animate a shape?

Yeah. Shapes can animate in and out and with different types of effects such as linear, cubic, and bounce. You can also adjust how they slide.

Can I mix and match shapes?

Yes. You can have different shapes throughout your video. You can even have different shapes on top of one another in your video.

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Shapes are one of the many built-in features in Scenery

Scenery is your one-stop solution to building social media marketing videos, product demos, and educational content. In addition to adding shapes to videos, you can edit your video, add transitions, import royalty-free stock media, manage your content library, and more--- all remotely, with your team.

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