Scenery is a collaborative video editor & workspace for remote professionals

Creating content is a team effort, we're rethinking from scratch what video creation and publishing should be in the modern world.

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We have done this before

Our team has over a decade of experience building video tools for companies large and small. We co-founded Jumpcut which was acquired by Yahoo! and SnappyTV, which was acquired by Twitter.

The team

We are mostly in the bay area but fully remote and have team members worldwide. We are hiring!

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Ryan Cunningham

Co-founder, CTO

Chris Martin

Co-founder, Engineering

Mike Folgner

Co-founder, CEO

Kavi Mojabe


Brad Edelman


Adam Smith


Liza Kraff

Marketing & Community

Dave Prukop

Product Design

Jay Lim


Jeff Stamper


Chet Rungruang


Chuck Isgar

Chief of Staff

Justin McDaniel


Trevor Austin

Head of Engineering

Jason Lim


Colleen Pendergast

Product Design, Advisor

Jed Meade

Product Management Lead

Wes Plate

Product Design

David Miranda


Yosub Shin


Malvika Jain

Engineering & Design

The extended team

Advisors, investors and people that have helped get us to where were are.


Design, Advisor

Ashot Petrosian

Co-Founder, CPO, Engineering



Greylock Partners
Craft Ventures
Precursor Ventures
Night Media
Wireframe VC
Transmedia Capital
UpHonest Capital
Rembrandt Partners
Scribble VC

Kayvon Beykpour, Russ Fradin, Joe Bernstein, Kevin & Elizabeth Weil, Keith Coleman, Will Ruben, Jason Toff, Badrul Farooqi, Andy McCall, Tal Simon and others

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