Royalty-free stock media

Choose from a massive library of stock audio, video and images for professional looking video.

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Up-level your video with high quality media

Have some great audio from interviews but need a little b-roll? There’s ample b-roll waiting for you in Shutterstock and Pexels.

Storyboard with stock media

Scenery’s canvas mode is a great place to storyboard your project. You can search for stock media that describes the scene you’re envisioning. This helps stakeholders to have a more visual representation of your vision for the project.

Add music to your video

Looking for specific types of music that can accompany your video? You can search for it in Shutterstock's library and add it into your project-- royalty free.

How to add stock media to your video:

In the Media Library, go to the “Cloud” panel

In the Cloud panel, you’ll see that you have access to Shutterstock, Pexels, DALL-E, and more. Click whichever one you want to first test out.

Search for what you’re looking for-- don’t forget that there’s videos, images, and audio

Search for anything-- whether it be a puppy or soft piano music. You can filter your results by clicking the video, image, or music icon, based off what you’re looking for

Drag the media you want into your project

We take care of the fees so that way you can drag it right onto your project without needing to pay for it

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Iadd stock media to my project?

Super easy. Navigate to the Media Library, click the Cloud header, choose a provider, and begin searching. No need to pay or have an account-- we take care of that for you.

Are there limits to how much stock media I can use in a project?

There are not. Some projects created within Scenery use lots of stock media. This can be especially helpful for the earlier stages of a video project (especially storyboarding) when you’re trying to put together a visual for how something might look after the video is shot.

Do I have to pay for stock media?

Ordinarily, you would. However, when using stock media in Scenery, you do not have to pay. The simple reason is that we pay for you. We like the idea of taking this expense off of you.

Where can I post a video that includes stock media?

Projects with stock media used in Scenery can be posted on digital platforms such as on social media platforms. Note that projects with stock media cannot be used on television or movies.

What types of content is available via stock media?

Videos, images, and music are available via stock media.

Which stock media providers do you have a partnership with?

We have partnerships with Shutterstock and Pexels which means you get free access to these assets.

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There’s lots more in addition to stock media in Scenery

Scenery is your one-stop solution to building social media marketing videos, product demos, and educational content. In addition to searching for and adding stock media to your project, you can edit your video, add transitions, import royalty-free stock media, manage your content library, and more--- all remotely, with your team.

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