Video Canvas

Scenery is the first true non linear video editor! Scenery's canvas is a revolutionary collaborative editing interface for ideating, storyboarding and editing video.

Try the Canvas

Ideate your way

Editing isn't always linear, especially when others are involved. Its time for editors to go beyond non-linear to truly collaborative with the Scenery Canvas. The Canvas is an ideal way to collaboratively storyboard your video, visually organize clips and selects, group titles and elements into re-usable animations while working with others. You can always edit in a familiar timeline interface when you're ready.
The open space of the canvas lets you create with others. We tried collaboration in a timeline, and a single ripple edit can really mess with other editors timing. The canvas is the ideal place to work together on different parts of an edit that can later be combined in a scene. Its magical, you should try it!

What should i use the canvas for?

Upload a batch of media

Drag media to the canvas and visually organize your content.

Begin cutting and organizing

Lay out your content and start trimming, splitting and combining clips. Add titles, logos and other elements.

Add to a Scene

One you know your story, start adding content to a Scene. Click on timeline mode at the bottom to edit your Scene in a familiar timeline interface.

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