Email notifications for comments

We’ve cleaned up the design of our commenting system and turned on new notification emails so you don’t miss comments from your teammates on Scenes and assets.


Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been making some improvements to commenting in Scenery — and today we’re happy to release the first set of updates:

  1. Comment notification emails. Now you’ll receive notification emails when your teammates reply to your comments or leave comments on projects you own. (You can turn these on and off in your settings.)
  2. Cleaned up design. We’ve made some updates to the look and feel of the comments panel to make things more legible and easy to use.

What’s next

Beyond today’s update, we have a couple more exciting updates in the work:

  • Tagging and mentions. Soon you’ll be able to type @ and see a list of your teammates, who you can tag in comments to ensure they know the comment is for them.
  • Marking comments as resolved. You’ll also be able to mark comment threads as resolved to note that the feedback has been addressed. Because we all love checklists.

These updates should make comments in Scenery a lot more valuable for your workflow — and harder to miss. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to ping us on Slack!