New Brand Kit, social media safe zone overlays, and improved mobile upload

Today’s release introduces new tools for scaling brand-consistent video in Scenery, previewing your content across different social media platforms, and an improved mobile experience for uploading media.


Today’s release introduces three big updates all at once:

  1. Organize assets and motion graphics in a new Brand Kit. We’ve just released a new set of tools to help teams centrally store and leverage brand-approved assets when creating video.
  2. Preview social media overlays and safe zones. Now you can preview how videos will display on social media by toggling on overlays for popular formats like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.
  3. Improved mobile upload. Uploading from your phone just got a lot smoother thanks to an improved mobile browser experience for uploading to a shared collection.

New Brand Kit to create and organize brand assets

Building on our existing tools for managing brand resources like fonts, colors, and LUTs, today we’re introducing a new Brand Kit to let you create, organize, and reuse your brand-approved video assets across all your projects.

To read all about what comes with the Brand Kit and see how to get started, check out our full post on the blog.

Social media overlays and safe zones

To help those of you using Scenery to create social media clips or adapting long form video to social cuts, we’ve introduced a new set of overlays that let you preview how your videos will display for popular formats like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

Improved mobile upload

To make it easier to upload content from your phone, we’ve improved the mobile browser experience for uploading to a Collection. Now you can send your teammates (or yourself!) a link to a Collection and directly upload content from your mobile browser.

For a full look at how to gather and upload media from your phone, check out our documentation.

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