We’re live — with AI-assisted video editing and more

Mike Folgner
Co-founder, CEO


After a year of research and refinement in beta, we’re officially launching — with AI-assisted video editing and a ton more new features.

After a year of research and refinement in beta, today we’re officially launching — with AI-assisted video editing, powerful asset library search, and more.

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Today we’re excited to announce the following:

  • AI-assisted editing. Streamline your editing process by shortening the tedious, uncreative aspects of editing from your workflow. The AI Editor analyzes and categorizes your content based on the transcript, then lets you quickly create an edited cutdown by describing what you want to create.
  • Centralized search across all your transcribed media. Find every mention of a given term or phrase within your asset library by searching across all transcribed media in one place.
  • Improved Adobe Premiere handoff. Improved workflows for teams that start in Scenery before taking their videos across the finish line in Premiere.
  • New plans & pricing. A free plan to learn Scenery, with the option to upgrade as you grow your team and need more storage.

We’ve got a ton more detail on each of these releases below — in the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback on what we’ve built: start editing for free today.

Making video a team sport

Scenery is a collaborative video workspace that combines asset management, video editing, and review in one tool — with AI assisted workflows. 

We’re here to bring your whole video team together with an all-in-one tool for managing assets, creating professional edits, and gathering feedback — where inviting teammates and collaborators is as easy as sharing a link.

Video editing workflows are stuck in the early 2000’s

More and more videos are being created (and asked for) every day, but the power to create videos and work together on them remains extremely limited. For most people, the video editing and creation process is effectively a black box, with limited visibility on how things are progressing, let alone any ability to contribute throughout. 

The traditional video review and collaboration process is outdated, slow moving, and disjointed.

Beyond these limits on participation, the traditional video review and collaboration process is outdated, slow moving, and disjointed, dominated by single-user desktop software, time-consuming file sharing, and a separate set of tools for simply leaving feedback.

On top of this all, recent advances in AI have made it easier for more people to contribute to the video creation process. Modern, cloud-based tooling and smart applications of AI within video editing can solve these problems, and that’s what we’re working on at Scenery.

Bringing your whole team — and workflow — under one roof

Scenery brings powerful, professional video editing to teams with a browser-based video editing tool that’s built for collaboration from the ground up. Say goodbye to siloed projects, cumbersome file sharing, and inefficient review processes — and hello to an integrated, all-in-one video tool that allows your whole team to work together and leverage AI-powered editing workflows to deliver video projects faster. 

Kyle Jepson, an Evangelist for the Hubspot Academy team, summarizes the impact Scenery’s made on his workflow by saying:

"Scenery handles every part of the video creation process with aplomb. From recording videos and sourcing stock photos, to editing it all together, to sharing drafts for review with stakeholders — what used to take three or more different pieces of software now happens all in one place."
Kyle Jepson, Hubspot

From creating marketing videos to social media clips to documentaries, Scenery is powerful enough for creatives to create precise edits, but approachable enough for your whole team to contribute to the video creation process.

We’ve been hard at work throughout the beta evolving the product, and today we’re excited for several major new releases.

What’s launching today

With that context set, let’s dive into everything that’s brand new today for our launch.

AI Editor

The most exciting new piece we’re adding to the product today is our AI Editor, which helps streamline your editing process by shortening the tedious, uncreative aspects of editing of your workflow. 

For example, have you ever needed to sit and watch an hour long interview just to grab a few sound bites from the person being interviewed? What if you could jot down basic instructions for the edit you want to create, then snap your fingers and see the output? Well — we built that.

The AI Editor analyzes and categorizes your content based on the transcript, then lets you quickly create an edited cutdown by describing what you want to create. For example, you can take that hour long interview and ask the Assistant Editor to:

  • “Edit this to only show the responses from the interviewee, removing all the questions that the interviewer asks”
  • “Create a 90 second edit that features the funniest responses for sharing on social media”

Once the edit is generated, you can refine the edit as needed or try a new prompt and easily compare the two.

Our AI Editor is free to try and available today. To learn more about how it works, check out our documentation.

Search across asset transcripts, comments, and more

Another major addition we’ve launched for our Enterprise customers is a unified search across all of your asset transcripts, comments, tags, and filenames, which lets you quickly find and save the right clip for whatever edit you’re working on. (This also includes a new option to have your content automatically transcribed on import to ensure your library has depth of content to be searched across.)

Quick find your assets with a unified search across transcripts, tags, and filenames.

For example, let’s say you have a large library of interview footage about the history of tennis and you want to gather together clips that discuss the evolution of play styles on grass at Wimbledon. 

You could search for “grass playing style” and “wimbledon” to see all the relevant excerpts where these terms are mentioned, then go through these and create selects of the key moments you want to use for your edit.

Then when you’re piecing together your edit, you can open a folder of these selects and quickly add them to the Timeline. 

Rinse and repeat and you’ve got a much faster way to piece together an edit from a large library of footage. To learn more about this new search experience, check out our documentation.

Improved Adobe Premiere handoff

We've improved workflows for teams that finish their edits in Premiere.

While Scenery has a ton of power for video teams to create and polish edits entirely within our product, we know that some teams have very refined and highly specific workflows for finishing their videos in Adobe Premiere. 

To help those teams start in Scenery and then take their videos across the finish line in Premiere, we’ve made some improvements to our Adobe Premiere handoff workflow. In addition to downloading your scene's XML, you can also download the source media in original or proxy format and choose whether you want the entire file or just the trimmed media from your Timeline. From there, you can take this into Premiere and refine your edit locally. 

To learn more about exporting from Scenery into Premiere, check out our documentation.

New plans and pricing

As part of our emergence from beta, today we’re also introducing new plans and pricing, including a free plan that lets you kick the tires and get a feel for how Scenery works.

As you grow your team and media library, you can upgrade to add more seats, unlock more transcription minutes, additional storage, and more. To learn more about our pricing, check out our website.

For existing customers

As a thank you for your support and feedback during beta, you’ll continue to enjoy free access to your account for the time being — but if you can upgrade today, we’d really appreciate your business and support as we move into this new chapter.

Over the coming months we’ll be moving beta customers to the right plan for their expected usage of Scenery. We’ve been in touch with most of you already about this change, but if you have specific questions about your account(s) and pricing, please feel free to contact us by emailing help@scenery.video.

In-depth documentation and videos

Finally, over the past month we’ve been steadily building out our documentation and help videos to help you onboard and learn the ins and outs of everything within Scenery. 

Learn Scenery with an updated libray of help articles and resources.

Some of the most helpful new articles and videos include:

If you have additional questions or want to see additional documentation, please let us know by emailing help@scenery.video.

What’s next for Scenery

Looking ahead, here’s a preview of some of the exciting features we currently have under development:

  • More precise audio editing. More granular control over fade in and fade out curves, audio keyframing, and improved playback quality.
  • Additional AI integrations and features. We’re considering adding and consolidating additional AI workflows to streamline your editing, from AI speech generation to our existing DALL-E integration.
  • Improved templatization. Improving workflows and features for teams to create reusable video templates for faster production of video series.
  • Additional screen recording features. We’re gathering feedback on how we can improve the experience and controls available for those of you creating screen recording videos and demos.

Have other ideas about what we should build next? We want to hear from you. Email us at contact@scenery.video and we’ll schedule time to connect.

Finally — thank you to our beta customers 

Last, but absolutely not least: we want to thank all our beta customers for being invaluable partners in our research and development over the past year. Week after week, month after month, your input has been crucial as we’ve evolved our product and shaped our roadmap to build a truly collaborative, team-first video editing platform. 

We’re grateful to have you on this journey with us and we’re looking forward to continuing to work together in this new chapter.


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